Hello to All!!! My name is Ericka & I am a Gemini/Cancer moon child born on June 22nd :) Astrology & more so Astronomy greatly defines who we are as individuals, so if you are unfamiliar with it why not take a look! Born & raised in the Midwest & I wouldnt trade our wonderful 4 seasons for anywhere, well except Arizona & Ive never even been haha! Its time to begin a new chapter in my life & I am very ready for it! From spring 08 until fall 2012 I suffered from sle lupus, fiber myalgia, & severe carpel tunnel in both hands. This blog will be dedicated to the very many issues that caused my illnesses & the ways I have holistically healed. Along with the change of things stated above I also realized, very surely, at the beginning of this summer that I am gay. So besides dealing with all the above I am raising a beautiful 6yr old & loving it! If you're interested in the story I started blogging about it in July. Aside from the more serious aspects I love & live for musik, being a mom, optimism, peace, wine, camping, Concerts, inner strength, good will, smiles, & lotsa lotsa laughs! In other words I am a musik festival junkie, but I cant claim that name cuz its already taken ;) Life is what you make of it so make yours a good one!!! Peace Luv Musik*


Today we marched against Monsanto here in Rockford, IL & all around the world :) It was a great feeling to be amongst so many people for not just a great cause but what should be our #1 cause, our food supply!!! Please educate yourselves on the health risks of gmos, or genetically modified organisms. My learning of definitely saved my life & that is not an exaggeration. PeacE!

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